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Memoirs of my Reproduction 1.5 minutes created 1997

Sound: Mark Eden

Visuals: Tina Gonsalves

[d]vision Media Arts Festival (a retrospective screening of works created by Mark Eden and Tina Gonsalves) Vienna Austria 2000

Global Multimedia Interface Projected on four storey tall screen in Leicester Square FACT UK 1999/2000

VideoLounge@The Knitting Factory NYC USA 1999

Eat Carpet - televised screening on SBS Australia 1999

Tubor and Roots - a Lunch Box Recording Event - The Living Room NYC USA 1999

Independent Exposure World Tour 1999

Melbourne Film Festival AUS 1998 Sydney Film Festival / Dlux screening ‘Mousetrap’ Sydney AUS 1998

Paperviens Project – screening installation at Gallery 128 - NYC USA 1998

A playful look at the concept of reproduction. Monstrous figures, made of collaged human body parts, parade the ‘stage of life’ to perform ritual mating acts. Is this where I come from?