Sample songs from Melt

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Mark produced, wrote, arranged and performed all the instruments on "Melt" (except for cello). His creative process is very much improvised, often writing and recording the same song with in an afternoon. Fascinated by the process of communication and transformation, Melt explores the human psyche, through pain, happiness, loneliness, love and fear. It is perhaps most compelling because the feeling, rather than the specific inspiration, is conveyed, allowing each listener to relate a personal meaning.


...A CD that defies expectations and surely echos the rave live reviews that we've been hearing....A well crafted release, 'Melt' is a illustrative of Eden's prowess as a well verse and accomplished singer/songwriter. Well worth the effort.....Jaz Ozmusic project

His distinct Australian vocals whisper urban stories in a raw Paul Kelly style with so much creativity going on in the background it's almost overwhelming..... This adventurous collaboration is set to categorise him as one of Australia’s most original and talented musicians.... SARAH MONO.NET

The accomplished Never Hurt Someone is perfect pop with a gorgeous lennonesque chorus... Eden plays around with a mix of eastern sounds with modern drum loops on spoilt little girl and creates a sound somewhere between 1965 and tomorrow......The memsmerising Melt forces you to leave all the comparisons behind and just enjoy the unique talents of Mark Eden. Julia Inglis REVOLUTION MAG

Mark Eden is a very special talent. With songwriting expertise reminiscent of John Lennon and a voice not unlike Marianne Faithful, Eden impresses most who cross his well travelled path...... The world is Eden's home, so it is worth taking the opportunity to see him while Melbourne is the corner in which he chooses to live. Fred. E.Gostein INPRESS/3PBS

It's accoustic, it's independent.....the thing that strikes me most about this release is the professional approach which sets this disc aside from most...Give it a listen. You'll find a professional disc from a songwriter with great potential. Stephen Green MUSIC BIZ