The New CD “Make A Wish”.
The new single "Together Once Again"
is the first single taken from the new album ............. by my new band

Under The Tongue.

It’s my best album so far. I can honestly say that this is the music that I love to hear and play.

The brand new album from Mark Eden is a new direction that Mark himself says that he has been waiting for. Mark wrote, recorded, arranged and produced the new album.

Vocal appearances by The Peculiar J and Thorsten Biernath played guitar on 2 tracks also. The drums were rocked and grooved my Tomboy , Rob Doig and Sir Drumalot .

The new CD is a cool mix of raw emotion and studio slickness.
More electric guitars and of course the 12 string acoustic is still there raising its head when called for, sing a long choruses as always but with a new feeling.

Uplifting, sumptuous, rich and strong songs fill the album with a unique character. In this digital age of throw away songs it is certainly refreshing to listen to a complete album from start to finish.
"Caterpillar" a super cool opener is a theme that would fit perfectly in Carroll’s "Alice in Wonderland". Beautifully crafted pop/rock with strange sounds that with a certain eeriness draw you in and lurke in the background like a layer of uncertainty. This is the first studio Album in 5 years by Mark Eden. Like any artist worth their salt Eden has grown in leaps and bounds with every release and this one takes him to the next level.

Mark has written over 700 songs, over many styles of music. These have received radio and television exposure inter/nationally.

2 releases
Meaning I Give the acoustic, rock , pop cd was released. This cd was recorded in between Berlin and Melbourne and mixed by Mark and Johnny Siera (The Death Set).Mark played Germany and headlined the biggest Bodypainting festival in the world in Austria along with other European Festivals.
The second release for 2007 was a live (solo) acoustic CD recorded in Germany in Wredenhagen. A fantastic memorable night that was luckily enough to be captured and put on CD was sold out in no time.

2003 & 2004
Mark recorded his then new cd "Meaning I Give" and spent much of his time recording other Australian artists. In late 2004 Mark and his new band Annie Pfeiffer (percussion, Vocals), Tim Keegan (bass, Vocals) and Rob Doig toured the West coast of Australia to fantastic responses from crowds and critics alike.

Mark released 'Revolution Inside' an E.P with the title track as well as a live song 'Passive Aggressive' which was recorded live at Coffs Harbour University. The sound quality is not of multi track recording but captures the essence and feeling that is always apparent in the live shows.

Mark’s second album, "No Mind" developed solidly upon the themes & moods of Melt, but skillfully captured the strength, dynamics and raw emotion of his live performance. "No Mind" found Mark continuing his musical journey with nine richly beautiful but stark songs of remarkable sonic quality, moving into a unique tribal-folk/pop realm. "No Mind" invites the listener on an evocative expedition through emotions, atmospheres & sounds, deftly embodied in song. These powerful songs are delivered through Mark’s passionate, bare, cathartic voice. Mark’s own intricate tribal percussion, vocal chants, strident guitar chords and lush melodies, along with bass and & kit drums are presented to the listener with unerring clarity & depth on this CD. Like its predecessor, "No Mind" was written, recorded, arranged & produced by Mark. Helping to consolidate this progress, Cameron Rogers (Bass), Leigh Cope (Drums), with a guest appearance on "No Mind", by Paul Arthur on electric violin. 
Mark’s compelling live shows are a testament to the commitment, improvisation and passion that this tight unit has, to the quality of performance and to further development of Mark’s unique sound.

melt release

Mark's debut album "Melt" embodies twelve richly textured, well-crafted and dynamic songs exploring honest, and emotional lyrics. The songs interweave a hybrid mix of tribal, folk, rock and pop.
Mark wrote, arranged, produced and performed all the instruments on Melt (except for cello). His creative process was very much improvised, often writing and recording the same song within an afternoon. Fascinated by the process of communication and transformation, Melt explored the human psyche, through pain, happiness, loneliness, love and fear.

In 1998/1999, Mark travelled throughout the world documenting sounds, and sharing his music with very appreciative audiences worldwide from Cuba, England to Mexico, to India. Playing the clubs of New York City also created a very positive response, both from the audience and music industry.

Mark has produced abstract experimental soundtracks for numerous animations, and also interactive CD ROMs and art based web sites. He has done some very impressive and widely recognised work exploring the emotional landscapes of humanity, while fusing original analogue and digital sounds. This work has been screened, awarded, exhibited and televised both nationally and internationally..

In Australia his work has been screened and he has been interviewed on channel 10, channel 9 (Sunday Program), ABC and SBS (Eat Carpet). His animation Wounded was screened in the European Media Arts Festival's program “Vee-Jay Groove - dedicated to the Heroes of Sound and Vision” in Osnabruk, Germany. His animations have also been screened at The Dallas Film Festival and on a sixty-six-metre screen in Leicester Square in London, as part of the Global Multimedia Interface project Mark further explored his creative process, writing, recording and performing 8 abstract experimental works simultaneously - first take. The results of this experimentation, is a fascinating CD Chase The Rainbow.
All sixteen of Mark’s latest stunning animation soundtracks were quickly snapped up by SBS Television .

Sound Screenings and Awards


Over 35 soundtracks for animations which have screened and awarded internationally

2001 Sound Award Digesis Film Festival AUSTRALIA


Experimenta Film Festival AUSTRALIA 2001

Eat Carpet - televised screening on SBS Australia 2001 - 2003

Back-up Film Fesival GERMANY 2001

European Media Arts Festival Osnabruk GERMANY 2001

Kasseler Dokumetarfilm-und videofest GERMANY 2001

St Kilda Film Festival Melbourne AUSTRALIA 2001

Women on Women film Festival/inter/national tour 2001

D]vision Media Arts festival (a retrospective of work by Tina Gonsalves and Mark Eden) Vienna AUSTRIA 2000

Global Multimedia Interface Projected on four storey tall screen in Leicester Square FACT UK 1999/2000

NEXT WAVE FESTIVAL 'Blink' at the Australian Center for Contemporary Art 2000

VideoLounge@The Knitting Factory NYC USA 1999

ArtRage 1998/1999 - A compilation video of Australian Digital Art AUS 1998/1999

Independent Exposure World Tour 1999

Digital Film Festival World Tour 1999

LOUD Short Film Festival Australian national television/ABC television AUS 1999

F1 Digital Film Festival Best animation Award Melb 1999

The screening - WWW 1999

BlackChair Productions - screening - Seattle USA 1999

4ime Manifestation interantionale VidŽo et Art Montreal CANADA 1999

DÕart Dlux Media Art Event Sydney Film Festival and Inter/national Tour AUSTRALIA 1999

Tubor and Roots - a Lunch Box Recording Event - The Living Room NYC USA 1999

1999 Finalist Nescafe Short Film Award

Montevideo festival NETHERLANDS 1998

Paperviens Project Ð screening at Gallery 128 - NYC USA 1998

Paperviens Project Ð screening installation and performance at Galapogas Ð NYC USA 1998